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    Personal Injury Law Services for Pennsylvania and West Virginia

    Personal Injury Law Services for Pennsylvania and West Virginia
    Residents of Charleston, West Virginia and the surrounding areas have unique legal needs, particularly when it comes to personal injury. Heavens Law Firm founder Chris Heavens is dedicated to meeting those needs and adding a personal touch that makes his firm and services stand out from those of other personal injury attorneys in the area.

    Charleston is the capital of the state and its residents are often employed in government work or by one of the major industries of the area: healthcare, chemical, coal mining and shale and natural gas drilling. This means that many Charleston residents may need assistance with work-related injury claims and/or employment termination issues.

    Of course, car accidents, slip and fall accidents and other types of personal injury are also common. Chris Heavens has litigated in all of these areas of law throughout the state, including the coalfield region down south, the mountain region on the Virginia border, the northern panhandle and the eastern panhandle. While Heavens Law Firm is based in Charleston, Chris Heavens knows the local and federal courthouses and has legal connections in virtually every county in the state.

    Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania is a city located between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware. As part of the I-95 corridor, Upper Chichester is relatively populous, although the city itself boasts a “home town” feel. Upper Chichester is located next to Marcus Hook, the location of several large oil refineries. Heavens Law Firm serves a wide array of clientele, from blue- collar workers in Marcus Hook and the surrounding industrial areas to professionals in Garnet Valley, Glen Mills and the expanding suburbs of Chester County.

    The people of Upper Chichester and surrounding areas can seek legal counsel from large firms in Philadelphia, but often choose the services of Heavens Law Firm because of a referral or a personal connection to Chris Heavens. People who desire a personal one-on-one relationship with a local attorney may choose Heavens Law Firm over a big city law firm. We are comfortable in our skin and cultivate our niche as a small town law firm that can successfully litigate cases against any opponent. But don’t take our word for it; look at our results.

    Chris Heavens was raised in Upper Chichester. The Heavens family has strong ties to the local community and is very active in local community activities such as youth sports and charities. We know the people of our local community and that knowledge helps us relate to our clients and to judges and juries.

    Why You Need A Qualified Personal Injury Attorney

    72ChomepageA personal injury attorney is more than just an attorney who tries to get as much money as possible from a defendant. You will not see Heavens Law Firm running tacky television ads because that is not what we are about. While we have a strong record of getting great financial results for clients, we are just as focused on building life-long relationships with our clients by taking care of their personal needs as well as their financial needs.

    Insurance companies are not your friends and insurance adjusters do not get raises and bonuses by paying you more money. While most people realize this, sometimes their fear of making a mistake causes them to believe that they can handle their own case and avoid paying the attorney 33 percent of the settlement. However, every study conducted by the insurance industry shows that they pay over 33 percent more to accident victims when an attorney represents the victim. This is why insurance adjusters are trained to discourage people from retaining an attorney.

    How do adjusters discourage people from retaining an attorney? Insurance adjusters are trained to appeal to the financial “savvy” of the accident victim by telling them that an attorney will take 33 percent of their settlement. When a victim hears this, he or she often panics, thinking that the insurance company’s offer is the best possible solution. In this way, insurance companies save themselves millions of dollars in settlements each year, and victims are left without the compensation they need and deserve.

    Why Hiring An Unqualified Personal Injury Attorney Will Hurt You

    If you have a legal issue and you do not immediately talk to an attorney that has experience and a record of successfully litigating cases, you are doing yourself and your family a great disservice. Insurance companies and corporations have attorneys on retainer helping them every hour of every day. When you contact an attorney, you are doing nothing more than insurance companies and corporations do on a regular basis. Make no mistake about it; insurance companies and corporations have excellent attorneys that know how to defeat even the best legal claims. That is why people cannot afford to retain an inexperienced or unscrupulous attorney. When a person hires an inexperienced attorney, he or she is risking the entire outcome of the case and digging a hole from which escape may be impossible. Mistakes made early in the process are the most difficult to undo and rectify. At the Heavens Law Firm web site, we explain why immediately retaining an experienced attorney is critical for protecting a person’s rights and avoiding common pitfalls.

    Why Heavens Law Is A Different Kind Of Firm

    Chris Heavens not only has the experience to help victims recover the maximum amount possible for their claims, he also has personal knowledge of how insurance companies work. For many years, Chris Heavens was himself an insurance company attorney and saw firsthand the tactics used to deny victims just compensation. Chris Heavens has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle a claim as well as the personal touch that makes his clients feel confident.

    How To Hire The Best Personal Injury Attorney

    DSC_0044homepageDo not wait to talk to an experienced attorney. Immediately after any accident, injury or other incident that harms you and your family in a way that makes you feel you may require an attorney’s help, contact Heavens Law Firm.

    A free phone consultation is a no-brainer because you will get useful information about your legal rights and, if you do not think you need an attorney after the consultation, you do not have to retain an attorney. Whatever you do, you should not talk to insurance companies or claim adjusters without first talking to an experienced attorney to find out what you can expect from a legal standpoint in your particular situation. The old saying, “a person who represents himself has a fool for a client,” is true.

    If you have any questions or concerns on any legal matter, call the Heavens Law Firm for a free, confidential consultation. Chris Heavens will help you make sense of your case and determine the best way to pursue whatever legal claims you may have.
    Christopher J. Heavens

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